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Lori Ann De Divitiis




Hi Hockey Moms & Dads, Welcome!

We’re excited about Ultimate Edge Power Skating.


With over 20 years of combined skating, hockey and coaching experience.  We’re passionate about bringing out the best in every skater. 


Thank you in advance for supporting us to develop your young athletes to their highest potential.

My Philosophy

Hockey players of all skill levels and all ages should strive to continually improve their skating skills: you can always skate a little faster, maneuver more quickly than your opponent or make that turn a little tighter. Challenge yourself to improve your skating style and technique and see yourself play the game better and have more fun!

Performance Specialist/UEPS Partner

  • NCCP Level 2 Skating

  • NCCP Level 3 Technical Skating

  • CFSA Canpowerskate Certification

  • Former Brock University Skating Team Head Coach

  • 5 Years Internationally Competitive Skater

  • 20 Years Coaching at all power skating levels

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